What are the applications of nameplates?

Depending on the time, place, purpose, purpose, energy conservation and environmental protection, nameplates are commonly used in the following places:

1. Time difference:

A. Lighting signage:

for day and night use, A luminous tube is installed inside the signage or A light projector is installed inside the signage or A lamp is installed outside the signage.

B. No lighting signage:

no single purpose of day and night use, no signage of any lighting facilities.

2. Different locations:

A. Indoor signage:

indoor signage, such as direction arrow signage, indoor reception signage, etc.

B. Outdoor signs:

signs located in non-indoor Spaces.

3. Different purposes:

A. Commercial signage:

generally refers to A signage established for commercial purposes.

B. Public sign:

a sign set up in a public place to announce news to the public or to announce certain information.

4. Different USES:


collectively referred to as the honor plate.Such as "advanced collective, authorization card" and so on.

B. Navigation signs:

signs used to indicate directions, matters needing attention, and reminders, such as "road signs".

C. Mechanical nameplate:

a label used to identify or describe the properties of mechanical products.

5. Differences in energy conservation and environmental protection:

A, fluorescent signs, also known as storage signs spontaneous light signs, with absorption light source, storage light source, night release 10-12 hours of light.

B. Electrically connected signage and lamp body can only maintain brightness by electricity or battery. The brightness of light source is extremely poor, not energy saving and easy to be damaged.

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Post time: Jun-14-2020