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A stainless steel sign, as the name implies, is made of stainless steel as a material, through corrosion, die casting or printing and other methods, on the production of the logo.At present, most of the stainless steel signs are made of anti-corrosion process, with beautiful patterns, clear lines, moderate depth, flat bottom, full color, drawing uniform, consistent surface color and other characteristics.The following stainless steel nameplate manufacturers say about the relevant knowledge of stainless steel famous brand.

Stainless steel is a kind of special material, its processing technology is much more complicated than copper, aluminum plate, but it has a good atmosphere and water medium corrosion resistance, and after corrosion, polishing, wire drawing processing can obtain very good adornment effect, so the electrochemical corrosion, the corrosion of stainless steel is the fastest way is also called electrochemical corrosion.

Stainless steel plate features:

1.stainless steel signs have metal texture 

2.stainless steel signs will not rust, long service life

3.stainless steel signs have drawn and bright surface

4.stainless steel plate weight is light

5.Stainless steel signs strong sense of gravity

6.Stainless steel signs have a high-grade feeling

The stainless steel nameplate of advantages:

stainless steel characters have a metallic texture;Stainless steel words have a high-level sense;Stainless steel words are lighter;Stainless steel words more solemn;Stainless steel words have a stronger three-dimensional sense;Stainless steel word drawing and bright surface difference;Stainless steel words arbitrarily thickened;Stainless steel words are generally used for company signage, LOGO wall, outdoor advertising.

Mainly composed of stainless steel and acid-resistant steel, in short, stainless steel can resist atmospheric corrosion, acid-resistant steel can resist chemical corrosion, acid-resistant steel is the main component of stainless steel.In general, the content of more than 12% of the steel has the characteristics of stainless steel.

There may be defects and some substances affecting the surface during the manufacturing process, such as dust, floating iron powder or iron-containing powder, hot tempering color and other oxide layers, rust spots, grinding burrs, welding arc spots, welding splashes, flux, welding defects, oil stains, residual binder and paint, chalk and marker marks, etc.

The stainless steel nameplates of disadvantages:

Most of these are due to ignoring their harmful effects and not paying attention to them or not doing a good job.But they are potentially harmful to the protective oxide film.Once the protective film is damaged, thinned or otherwise altered, the stainless steel begins to corrode beneath it.Corrosion usually does not cover the entire surface, but covers the defect and its surroundings.In general, the local corrosion is pitting or seam corrosion, both of which develop to depth and breadth, but most of the surface is not eroded.

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