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In order to simplify the name plate logo, the following are called "nameplates".

Nameplates can be classified according to the following categories according to their USES, processes and materials.

The following is the name plate maker -- WEIHUA technology, together with the specific understanding:

One、Classification by use

Classification by its use is one of the most common classification methods.It directly reflects the specific use of a certain nameplate.

See table 2-1 for specific classification by purpose.

Table 2-1 classification of nameplates by use

category Use appellation Interpretation of the meaning
logo nameplates The machine signs The product mark on the mechanical equipment, indicating the name of the machine, the specification and model, the manufacturer, the date of delivery, etc.;Also included are equipment signage, signage, signage and data, usually made of metal
Instrument panels Instruments, meters including electronic products logo, production requirements more exquisite
Table card The head part of a meter, used as a sign for indicating or marking or reading
Decoration brand Usually based on a trademark or logo;Decorate with decorative signs
panel The instrument panel The appearance component on the electronic instrument is the interface of man-machine dialogue
Operation panel The operation instructions provided on the electrical equipment generally refer to the operation board on the large machine equipment
kanban Not limited to the product's graphic interpretation of the board
nameplate logo The signboard The medal, the qualification card, the signboard, has the encouragement, the proof, the explicit function
Street sign, house sign The transmission of public information in urban and rural areas is one of the symbols of the construction of urban and rural civilization
Traffic signs One of the safety facilities of public transportation has the function of pointing, warning and prompting of the route, and is mainly based on legal figures
sign Interior function card Usually refers to the office building's function distribution, the organization and the department's instruction, manifests the humanization management
Outdoor sign Road signs, road signs, play a leading role

Two、Classification by process

In order to reflect the characteristics of the nameplate processing technology, it is often classified according to its obvious and main graphic processing characteristics, so as to distinguish the nameplates processed by different processes.

The contents classified by process are shown in table 2-2.

Table 2-2 nameplates according to the process classification table

Process name Working skill points
Film dyeing The absorbency of photosensitive film is used to dye the picture and text, which is bright and bright, but not durable, and is often used in low-value products
Oxidation dyeing The absorbency of aluminum oxide micropores is used to dye and then close it
Etching nameplate Show concave and convex type, have stereo feeling, durable life is long, often with copper, aluminum, stainless steel processing
Screen printing nameplate It has wide adaptability, mostly used for plastic signage and panel, low cost and wide application
Offset printing plate To round flat printing, text and text from the cots to the plane workpiece, text and text fine, often used for table CARDS
Pad printing nameplate The silicone head is used to absorb the ink of text and text on gravure and transfer it to the workpiece, which is more suitable for the concave and convex changing surface
Transfer printing nameplate The text and text are prefabricated on the transfer paper to facilitate the work on site
Electrophoresis nameplate Deposited polar paint on exposed metal surfaces under a direct current field, often in conjunction with etching processes
Electroforming nameplate At a high current density, the metal is deposited on the "mother type", which is then separated from the mother type
Electroplating nameplate The copper matrix is etched with text and text to deposit ionic metal, usually chromium, nickel, gold
Specular nameplate Usually on the raised surface of the aluminum pressing, with the diamond knife rotary cutting, producing a high gloss effect
Crystal nameplate Is a kind of follow-up finishing processing, with good transparency of polyurethane dripping on the surface of the nameplate workpiece, play a decorative and protective role
Enamel nameplate Can be slightly convex, corrosion resistance, anti - Japanese light exposure ability, low cost.But fragile, the text should not be too small
EL nameplate It's a field emitter.An electroluminescent nameplate caused by the collision of electrons excited by an ac electric field generated by an ac voltage applied at the poles with a fluorescent substance. Its applications have been expanding since the end of the 20th century
IMD nameplate Inlay injection molding process, with high wear resistance, high decorative, is a fashion process in the early 21st century
The casting brand Concave - convex shape, stereoscopic, often used for heavy equipment or equipment working in corrosive medium

Three、according to the material classification

According to the type of substrate selected by the nameplate, it is easy to evaluate whether the nameplate matches the product applied, which is the basic requirement for selecting the nameplate type.The classified contents are shown in table 2-3.

Table 2-3 nameplate material classification table

The name of the material Use way and special point
Metal nameplate Usually with metal plate, such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel nameplate, suitable for durable products, as a sign of durability
Plastic nameplates There are soft and hard.Soft often for the film or sheet, hard often refers to the plate.This kind of nameplate cost plastic nameplate is lower, wide application
Plastic nameplates Graphic injection molding, suitable for large dosage of products, often combined with hot stamping process
Rubber and plastic nameplates Soft texture, high three-dimensional shape, suitable for bags, boxes, shoes, travel supplies, etc
Fabric nameplate Used for textile products logo, generally sublimation printing and computer weaving and embroidery
Self-adhesive nameplate Often used for low value, consumable products of non-permanent logo, large consumption, wide field, low cost, easy to use
The glass plate Point to the brand that makes with inorganic glass, the screen that is used at bedroom hall hall normally or adornment, except the adornment that a part is used at vitreous product outside, do not apply to the commodity of other current

The above is in accordance with the industry's custom nameplate classification.In order to accurately and completely express the characteristics of the nameplate, it is often necessary to choose one of the above three categories and describe them together.Namely: material + craft + use.For example, "metal-etched-machine signage.""Plastic - screen printing - panel", so that a look (or a listen) to understand its material, process and use.

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