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Metal sign and plaque printer is a new printing process,different from the traditional etching,engraving, screen printing and other processes.It adopts the non-contact piezoelectric inkjet printing process,the desired printing pattern is sprayed on the surface of the material through the nozzle,and then cured by UVLED ultraviolet light.

Signs and plaques are used to make signs of the signs,above the text,patterns and other content to indicate the direction and warning role.Common signs are public signs,cultural signs,signs,warning signs.

Metal sign plaque printer can print the sign plaque material:

1.non-metal material: acrylic, two-color board,PVC,plexiglass,wood and other signs.

2.metal material: stainless steel,iron,zinc alloy,brass,aluminum plate and other signs.

3.ceramic material: pure ceramic,metal ceramic composite glass

Comparison of screen printing and heat transfer printing process for metal sign and plaque printer:

1.screen printing signs refers to the use of resin ink.Screen printing is carried out on the pre-treated surface, and then the process of keeping light and laminating can be made into a variety of exquisite color screen printing metal signs;

2.thermal transfer metal plate is a special panel generated by the surface treatment process of the metal plate,and then the color picture you design into the way of inkjet printing to the paper,through heating reversal to the metal plate,made of metal signs;

3.UV inkjet printing,suitable for small batch proofing,mass production.Patterns can be complex eight colors,nine colors,11 colors,not limited;

4.from the point of view of environmental protection:UV inkjet printing green environmental protection,screen printing pollution is serious,heat transfer printing process is cumbersome.

Metal sign and plaque printer performance parameters:

Shower head configuration:Toshiba sprinkler head, Ricoh sprinkler head, Seiko sprinkler head

Number of sprinkler heads: standard:4,high 8,top 12

Machine size:4220MM*1960MM*1520MM

Print size:2515MM*1330MM

Printing height:1mm-100mm (standard model),support customized height 50cm

Printing accuracy:2880DPI*1440DPI

Ink type: UV ink (soft, hard) imported from the original factory

Color software:PhotoPrint

Ink color:C,M,Y,K,W (standard) can also be added LC,LM,LK,LLK or spot color

Curing mode:30,000 hours long life UV-LED cold light source lamp (double)

Operating environment:temperature 15℃-30℃ humidity 20%-33%

Transmission interface:optical fiber high-speed transmission

Electrostatic device:positive and negative ion electrostatic elimination device (to avoid electrostatic interference)

Upgrade method:car upgrade + automatic height measurement (eliminate the lifting of the modified machine platform)

Voltage requirement:220V two-phase electric (must be grounded)

Machine power:1000W (if all the suction function is turned on,it will be increased by 500W)

The above is the metal sign plaque printer principle and application.

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