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A lot of things pay attention to color collocation, like a painting, if there is no color foil, then it is certainly not a complete work.The metal nameplate is the same, its surface color, according to different needs, can be designed colorful.However, simple and colorful and beautiful, can not replace its practical.Colour has adornment sex not only, have functional sex more, the unity of both, this ability calls the science of colour application and practical.

Lightness is the element of nameplate color, the concept is clear, it is the degree of lightness of index plate color.When red and yellow are put together, we see two different colors, and we also see a deep red and a light yellow.This is the lightness that can be compared between two different colors.

When two shades of red are put together, one can be darker and the other lighter.This is the degree of lightness between different colors or within the same color.Purity is an element of nameplate color.Also called chroma, saturation, intensity, chroma, etc.When the concept of purity is mentioned, the premise is a certain color phase, which is the specificity of purity.The reference to hue is reminiscent of red, orange and yellow.

Green, blue and purple, when referring to lightness, think of the lightness of the same hue or of different hues; but when referring to purity, think first of a hue, then of its reduction and impurity.When referring to black and white gray, we cannot think of its pure and impure, because their purity is zero, so black, white, gray is called monochromatic or no color system sign color brightness, transparency is brightness or dark color, the degree of the human eye can perceive.In various pigments, white pigments are high reflectivity materials, metal nameplate black pigments are low reflectivity materials, and other white, mixed colors pigments can enhance brightness;Add black to reduce the brightness of the mixed colors.

Metal nameplate printing saturation, saturation refers to the purity of the color.Highest saturation of monochromatic light;The wavelength range of color light is narrower and the color of light is more saturated.Signage pigment printing ratio low ash content, its saturation.Color mechanism of objects and classification of objects, luminous objects: refers to the objects themselves can emit light, also known as “light”, radiation spectrum components determine the color.Non-luminescent objects refer to the physical and chemical properties of the signage of the objects themselves, objects that do not emit light themselves, and colors, but are also associated with exposure sources and the surrounding environment.

The custom popular color in special environment, although be used to by people place for a long time, but when determining its color at first, still have sufficient scientific basis, because of this these popular color are used by people place all the time.For example, to distinguish things generally use red, the reason is that people are the most sensitive to such a color red, this color also has a strong penetration and transmission ability.

It is decorated in red to remind people to pay attention. It is easy to find in an emergency.Because of habit, red can be associated with fire and blood, thus creating a sense of urgency in people’s hearts.In the same way, in the military, metal nameplates often use the popular color of grass green, which is intended to hide the sight of the enemy and protect the target.

The use of paint and metal powder in industrial design and the use of gold, silver and other metallic colors in signage printing inks is to make the color become impure to increase the material beauty of appropriate application.People’s perception of purity is far less acute than hue, lightness.Therefore, the colors required by metal nameplates are different in different fields. Relevant experience and certain creativity are needed to make appropriate choices in a unique environment.

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Post time: Sep-11-2020