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Precision metal stamping has quite a lot of production difficulties, for the 22 years of design and production experience for China Science and Technology, may consider the first is how to make perfect and delicate multi-station continuous die, that precision metal stamping parts whether to use multi-station continuous die should consider what?Today with precision metal stamping company to meet:

Precision metal stamping multi-station progressive dies structure is quite complicated, making the precision is much higher than the average mould requirements, after many times mass production must be after a repair, blade mould, and after test qualified rear can put in storage to be used, after some minor damage to the parts, must be timely replacement, after grinding must keep the relative difference of the original design requirements, there must be a certain technical level of maintenance workers and more sophisticated special equipment;

Precision metal stamping progressive dies using pressure equipment shall have sufficient strength, stiffness, power and accuracy, larger countertops and reliable braking system, the general should be the working pressure is less than 80% of the nominal, multi-station progressive dies in the material should be sent to the fault detection institutions, after sending the signal detection institutions, the braking system must be able to press immediately stop work, so as to avoid damage to the mold or machine tools;

Continuous die in the stamping process, can not carry out intermediate annealing, so the mechanical properties of stamping materials must be relatively stable, for each batch of material into the factory according to the specified test and flatness has a high requirement;

Of course, at the beginning, when we consider the design of precision metal stamping continuous die, we need to understand that the production of stamping parts should be large enough to facilitate the development of continuous die, and at the same time to design, we should take into account the feeding accuracy and the accumulated error between the work steps.

The above is about: precision metal stamping parts whether to use a multi-station continuous die should consider what points of the introduction, I hope you will like!We are the precision metal stamping manufacturers, which provides: Custom Metal stamping Supplies, welcome to inquire and contact ~

Post time: Oct-31-2020