Metal stamping manufacturers – Standard Operating Procedure | WEIHUA

Standard operating Procedure (SOP), commonly used in large-scale industrial production, is also a common work specification for metal stamping processing manufacturers, used in the standardization of work flow, especially in mass production, the whole process of product quality control plays a key role.In addition, some customers will develop their own SOP and provide it to suppliers, so as to strengthen the control over products in the production process.

No matter the customer or the supplier, the purpose is to make the product better, so we adjusted the production line with the customer’s SOP some time ago.

In order to ensure a more balanced operation time and workload at the production line, we divided the project into 7 pull-down sections, hung the SOP logo in front of the line, and equipped professional material staff to set materials according to the engineering sequence for easy search.As a metal stamping processing factory, the customer’s standard not only strengthens the product landing, but also helps us supplement the standardized process flow, which is a mutually beneficial and win-win result.

From the improvement of the working procedure to the subdivision of the post, a set of suitable technological process is customized for specific products, from the quality selection of incoming materials, to the standardized operation of primary and secondary processing, and then to the surface treatment and assembly of finished products, forming a complete system, and at the same time convenient for the later product import.

After years of accumulation of customer cases, SOP system is becoming more and more standard, and can be applied in more and more fields. Under the condition of process update and development, frequent update of SOP is a common thing, so as to show that metal stamping processing manufacturers are also developing forward to more advanced process technology.

Post time: Oct-23-2020