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Signs are very common in our daily life, but signs can be divided into wooden signs, plastic signs and metal signs due to the difference in the production of materials, so what are the technical links of metal name plate printing?

Signs are very common in our daily life, but signs can be divided into wooden signs, plastic signs and metal signs due to the different materials made, so

What are the printing technology of metal signs

Let's introduce Weihua professional metal nameplate manufacturers to tell you.

Metal sign printing technology has five major links

Metal signs are mainly copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, nickel sheet and other materials printing products, printing process related to the main: screen printing plate, scraping scraping plate, ink, printing table and substrate several elements formed.

1.The basic principle of metal screen printing is: 

The basic principle of screen printing is that the graphic part of screen printing plate is porous through ink, and the non-graphic part of metal products is porous through ink.

2. Metal ink application:

Printing in the screen printing plate on one end of the ink, with a squeezer squeezer on the screen printing plate on the ink part of the pressure, while moving toward the other end of the screen printing plate, ink in the movement of the squeezer from the picture and text part of the mesh extrusion to the metal sign;

3.Screen printing scraper principle:

Metal plate printing ink viscosity effect and make the imprinting fixation within a certain range, the sign is always in the process of printing scraper with silk screen printing plate and metal products in line contact, the contact line with scraper and movement, the screen plate and keep some space between the metal material, makes the screen plate through own tension when printing and reaction of scraper, the reaction is called back to the spring;

4. Product tightness control:

Because of the effect of the rebound force, the screen printing plate and the sign is only mobile line contact, and the other part of the screen printing plate and the sign products are separated from the state, so that the ink and screen rupture movement, to ensure the printing accuracy of the product and avoid rubbing dirty metal signs;

5.Prepare the next process and continue to work:

When the scraper scrapes the entire page after lifting, and the screen printing plate is also lifted, and the ink is gently scraped back to the initial position, for the next metal sign to continue the cycle of printing production.

The above is the metal sign printing technology, I hope to help you.

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