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As a nameplate company and metal nameplate manufacturers, what we are good at is processing metal materials, and finally forming metal signs with characters, patterns and brilliant colors.

And if we want to put our name on the metal sign, there are the following processes to achieve the desired effect:

1. Stamping

After making the shape of the mold, make a separate inlay mold with its own name Weihua, and then put it on the machine to start work. The aluminum plate is cut into a certain shape, and then placed on the mold, and an external force is applied to the plate by pressure to cause plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain a metal sign with the required shape, font and size.

2. Silkscreen

Screen printing refers to the use of silk screen as a plate base, and a screen printing plate with graphics and text is made by a photosensitive plate-making method. When printing, pour ink at one end of the screen printing plate, apply a certain pressure to the ink part on the screen printing plate with a scraper, and at the same time move towards the other end of the screen printing plate at a constant speed, the ink is removed from the graphics and text by the scraper during the movement. Part of the mesh is extruded onto the metal sign.

3. Etching

After plate making and development by exposure, the protective film in the area to be etched is removed, and the chemical solution is contacted during etching to achieve the effect of dissolution and corrosion, forming the effect of concave-convex or hollow molding. Therefore, your name can also be etched with a stainless steel sign to get a bump or hollow text.

4. Laser engraving

Laser engraving, also called laser engraving or laser marking, is a surface treatment process using optical principles. So, we can take an aluminum plate, then use the laser marking process, and finally print words or patterns on the metal sign.

In the same way, not only characters, but also various complex patterns and other basic characters, physical and chemical parameters, etc. can be displayed.

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Post time: Jun-02-2022