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Below, metal nameplate manufacturers with you to understand the installation and fixing method of aluminum logo.

Several methods of product signage installation and positioning

Common product signs have a variety of signs, such as machinery, equipment, electronics, chassis, electrical appliances, display, furniture, luggage, kitchen utensils, bathroom, ambry, wine packaging box, audio, DVD, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, anti-theft doors, decorative doors and Windows, motorcycles, electric mopops, car signs.

Installation and positioning method:

1. Adhesive Positioning:

Paste a variety of double-sided adhesives on the back of the product. When using, tear the film on the back of the logo to paste the product.

2. Drilling positioning:

According to the size of the hole on the logo of the size of the round hole, the installation of the corresponding type of screws and rivets for positioning.

3. Positions of foot posts:

The feet of different shapes and specifications can be made according to the actual requirements, and the fixed point can be stuck with the foot posts when in use.

4. Glue positioning:

Directly glue the guest on the back of the sign to install and fix (such as: 101,502, glass glue, A+B glue and other strong glue).

5. Metal sheet reinforcement positioning:

The metal sheet is inlaid on the back of the sign, and the metal plate is fastened when used.Suitable for: automobile leather MATS, foot MATS, all kinds of bags and other products.

Pictures of thread hole positioning: the thread hole can use mold forming or mechanical processing, simple installation.

Method of installation and fixing of aluminum labels:

First, introduce the basic installation and fixing method of aluminum signs: the back of double-sided tape installation, the back of the foot installation, drilling or punching installation, pressure iron buckle and other installation and fixing method.

1. The installation of double-sided tape on the back is widely used:

It is usually used for the installation and fixation of furniture, electrical appliances, doors and Windows, electronics, kitchenware, sanitary ware and other products.Before installation, ensure that the installation surface is free of impurities, oil, ash layer and other impurities.The quality of double-sided tape directly determines its service life and quality.Imported 3M or ordinary foam, oil glue, water glue, double-sided tape can be selected according to actual needs.

2. Installation of strap feet:

The diameter, length and spacing of the feet can be set according to the required position.This method is firmly installed, but the requirements of the contact surface are more strict.It is required to reserve holes on the contact surface, which must be symmetrical with the feet of the aluminum products to ensure consistent installation.

3. Drilling or punching installation:

Can be punched or drilled in the corresponding position on the surface, the upper screw can be installed and fixed.The principle is the same as with the foot installation, the equipment needs to reserve the corresponding hole.

4. Installation and fixation of pressing iron button:

This installation method is usually used for packaging products. Insert the iron button pressed on the back of the aluminum logo product into the necessary mounting button.

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