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Use vivid and durable custom metal furniture nameplates to quickly decorate and identify or mark your brand

For furniture that will be exposed to the outdoors and may be exposed to long-term sun or rain, such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and other furniture, customized metal tags that are resistant to high temperature, humidity, corrosion and scratches must be used. Such signs are not easy to be damaged or faded, which affects brand recognition and promotion. Generally, we recommend stainless steel etched signs, electroformed nickel signs or aluminum stamped anodized metal signs. These signs generally have relatively strong fonts, strong color stability, and durability, and are more suitable for outdoor signs.

For indoor signs, they tend to be more decorative and abrasion resistant, because indoor signs are less susceptible to harsh environments such as direct sunlight or rain corrosion, so choose a beautiful, strong decorative and anti-corrosion badge and anti-scratched signs are more suitable. Such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets and other furniture, generally we recommend electroformed nickel thin labels, anodized diamond engraving labels, aluminum brushing signs, stainless steel brushing signs, aluminum printing signs and so on.

Using custom furniture labels can better let customers understand your products and operate & use your products correctly and safely

Using custom metal signs, important and noticeable matters can be printed separately and displayed in bold on the signs.
The most common is the precautions for the use of the product, such as "Do not expose to high temperatures higher than much", "Do not approach the fire source", "Do not separate or replace the battery" and other items that require special attention. Generally this kind of important information , Choosing to print out with aluminum signs alone can better let your product precautions be noticed by customers and better ensure the safety of customers. Commonly used signs are aluminum printing or aluminum brushing signs.

Using custom furniture signs can make your after-sales problems more quickly and accurately resolved

Using custom metal signs, you can orderly mark the furniture model and date of manufacture and other important information on the signs. Once a product problem occurs, you can quickly identify and track which batch and which model has the problem. The product can be quickly recalled and resolved. It can effectively shorten product maintenance time and improve customer after-sales satisfaction, thereby increasing customer trust, and ultimately increasing product sales.

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