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As a Guangdong sign manufacturer with long production and manufacturing experience in the hardware sign industry, Weihua Technology is undoubtedly your most suitable choice. In particular, we customize various aluminum name plate and stainless steel signs, and we have a set of neat sign manufacturing equipment and facilities.

Regarding the signs we can make, see below for details: 

Material: aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, nickel, copper, iron, acrylic, etc.

Thickness: The thickness of the sign is generally between 0.2-0. 8mm, of which the commonly used thickness is between 0.2-0. 5mm

Color: black, silver, gold, orange, blue, gray, red, white, wine red, etc.

Text: Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Helvetica Condensed, Helvetica Bold SemiBold, Helvetica Narrow, Verdana, Myriad, Humanist 777 BT, and others

Pattern: generally a separate company LOGO, or TM and R trademark certification, etc.

Process: forging, stamping(embossed and recessed), anodizing, brushing, diamond cutting, silkscreen, baking varnish, CD pattern, polishing, laser carving, etched, etc.

Flat or with feet: if it is flat, most of it is adhesive; otherwise, it is with feet or screw holes

Packaging type: separate release film + carton packaging; or blister box + carton packaging; or foam board + carton packaging; or other packaging types required by customers


About Weihua Technology

Date of establishment: Sept. 15, 2017

(Original name: Shenzhen Weihua Nameplate Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established on Sept. 25, 2006)

Business type: limited liability company (invested by natural persons)

Number of factories: 300-500 members

Annual sales: 200~300 million

Number of patents: 16 (Automatic dispensing device, Aluminum extrusion surface processing device, Automatic welding machine, Metal mirror surface processing device, A machine for rapid processing of aluminum alloy surface camber and bright surface effect, Metal surface printing processing device, Waterproof ring automatic assembly machine, Aluminium alloy tank necking CD pattern all-in-one machine, Special polishing liquid for magnesium-aluminum alloy and preparation method and so on)

Certificate: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Exporting countries: United States, Britain, France, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Sweden, Greece, Spain, etc.

Customer representatives: Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Bloomberg, TCL, BYD, Dwyer and so on.

Inspection and quarantine record number: 4779100003

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