How strong is extruded aluminum?

Aluminum extrusion process

1, aluminum alloy tilt strength to see the aluminum alloy material and aging state.The material and aging state are not the same, the strength is not the same.

2. Rare aluminum alloy:

Waterproof aluminum 5A50 tensile strength :265MPa;Tensile strength of 3A21 :<167MPa;

Tensile strength of duralumin 2A11 :370MPa;Tensile strength of 2A12 :390~420MPa;Tensile strength of 2A13 :315~345MPa;

3. Tensile strength of industrial pure aluminum :80~100MPa;

4. Inclined strength refers to that the upper part of the section of the member is the extrusion area and the lower part is the tensile area when the member is bent.

Post time: Apr-03-2020