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The role of signs in everyone's life is very huge, the normal order of life is dependent on signs to carry out, below, custom metal label manufacturers tell you, one of the metal plate production process heat transfer metal signs.

Metal sign production process of heat transfer metal label

Heat transfer printing metal label is a special panel of metal sheet made by surface treatment process, it will print the color picture you designed to the ink jet printing method to transfer paper, through heating reverse to the metal plate, so as to make the metal sign.Thermal transfer printing metal logo is a special panel generated by surface treatment technology of metal plate, printing color image of design with ink jet, printing with transfer paper, and turning metal logo produced on metal plate with heating.

Heat transfer metal signage production process: base paper processing - >;Printing protective layer - >;Printing Pattern Layer - >;Printing luminescent layer - >;Printing overlay - >;Printing adhesive layer - >;Dry - & gt;The packing.

1 protective layer:

with 300 mesh screen printing once, with heat transfer printing ink (such as ink viscosity is too large, can be diluted to the appropriate viscosity), the whole pattern is printed into transparent ink, mainly used to protect the pattern layer, so that the pattern has wear-resistant, washable, chemical resistance characteristics, and play the role of pattern positioning.Use natural or low temperature drying can be.

2. Mode layer:

The pattern layer can be printed with heat transfer color ink, and the mesh number is 300 mesh. The viscosity can be adjusted with thinner according to the actual situation.The order of prints varies from dark to light depending on the color.Accurate positioning should be ensured to avoid any deviation when reprinting the luminary.Use natural or low temperature drying can be. 

3. Luminescent layer:

The ratio of 1∶1 will be luminous material and transparent thermal transfer printing ink prepared into luminous ink, and adjust the viscosity with diluent.

With 100~200 mesh screen printing, printing number according to the brightness, high brightness, printing number, printing number of fewer.Ordinary printing twice can meet the requirements.Use natural or low temperature drying can be.

4. Cladding:

Because the pattern is printed with luminous material, a white reflective layer must be printed behind the pattern in order to increase the personalized effect.The company uses white thermal transfer ink to print the whole pattern on screen, and the screen is coated with a printing protective layer.Use natural or low temperature drying can be.

5. Adhesive layer:

Finally, hot-melt the adhesive layer with 100-200 mesh screen printing to ensure that the whole pattern is covered.Most are used to bond ribbon patterns and fabrics.Use natural or low temperature drying can be.

6. Packaging of signs:

The dry thermal transfer printing signs shall be packaged with packaging film and placed flat.

The above is organized and released by custom metal label suppliers. If you do not understand, welcome to consult us!

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