How are aluminum extrusion products made ?

Oh, it’s a bit hot today, but it can’t resist my passion to share our workshop video with you, haha.

Today I want to share with you the largest workshop of our weihua technology company ~ aluminum extrusion workshop weihua technology company

aluminum extrusion aluminum extrusion (2)

We have 1 set 2000 tons, 2 sets 1000 tons and 1 set 600 tons -aluminum extrusion presses.

Let’s take a look at how our aluminum extrusion products are made.

aluminum extrusion (4) aluminum extrusion (1)

The first is to put the aluminum rod in the aluminum rod furnace for heating, and then extrude it through the die on the extruder

So as to extrude the long profile that matches the customer’s drawing

In the video, you can see the orderly rows of long-supported profiles placed on the cooling bed

Then cut the short support frame and aging treatment

Each piece of cut aluminum is arranged in the frame in an orderly manner.

The general aging time is 6 hours.

The next step is to apply protective film according to SOP

After covering the long strips, it is transferred to the automatic sawing machine and sawed into a single short material

Use an air gun to clean debris and aluminum slag after sawing

Finally, to full inspect the products, the products are packed in foam boxes, and the products are loaded and shipped according to the delivery time required by the customer

Thank you for watching, see you in the next issue~


Post time: Sep-16-2020