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The following, metal nameplate manufacturers to describe the properties of metal nameplate and the scope of application.

Metal nameplate is the general name of metal nameplate and nameplate products, mainly made of copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium, nickel and stainless steel.

It is fixed on the product, to provide users with the manufacturer's product identification, brand identification, product parameters to remember the information.

There are usually two main points of function:

1. Metal nameplate has the function of marking,identification and warning.

It is primarily expressed visually.For example, text, markup, and so on.It has symbolic, directional, suggestive and other functions.Textual styles can express personality, context, meaning, and form, and together with markings express symbolic and structural meaning.

2. Metal nameplate is a kind of information transmission media.

It has the function of advertising warning.

The following are the properties and use range of some metal nameplates for you:

1.The aluminum nameplate is beautiful and generous:

The aluminum logo has good ductility and is easy to be formed and processed.Diversified methods, easy to color, colorful style.The products are widely used in furniture, doors and Windows, electrical appliances, home appliances, mechanical equipment, computer cases, electronic components, decorative panels, etc.

2.Copper nameplate decoration:

The retro, classic style, high-grade and stable, luxurious and unique taste, with its antique outstanding characteristics.Used for high-grade mahogany furniture, security doors, antique furniture and other products

3.Stainless steel plate metal texture is good:

Beautiful appearance, uniform color, excellent durability.Generally anticorrosive or printing processing, suitable for outdoor signs, departmental signs, instructions, MEDALS, authorized signs, mechanical and electrical boxes, mechanical equipment, hotel supplies, kitchen cabinets, sanitary ware, sanitary ware and other products.

4..Zinc alloy labels with high mechanical properties:

Die cast a variety of complex thin-walled castings, with good electroplating performance and normal temperature performance.It is suitable for marks of cases and bags, decorative parts, automobile parts, bathroom parts, door industry, furniture, electrical appliances and so on.

Five. Nickel signs, also known as metal labels: with excellent processing performance and excellent decorative effect.Its characteristics are noble, conspicuous, shiny, fashionable, unique technology, high technical content, easy to use.Applicable to mobile phones, equipment, household appliances, chassis, display screens, audio, packaging boxes, belt buckles, Musical Instruments and other products.

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