9/12 UPS express shipment of aluminum nameplate to USA customers

  • Product Name: Screen Printed Metal Aluminum Nameplates,Custom Printing Logo For Equipment & Office
  • Range of use: Machinery equipment and so on
  • Specification: 152.44*141.88mm
  • Raw material: 0.5mm (0.02″) south-west aluminum
  • Subassembly: Glenda ink / Clear PE protective film and so on
  • Process: Material cutting+Cleaning+Printing white /red/blue/black color+Baking+Apply protective film+Punching hole+Stamping +Full inspection+Delivery
  • Destination: TX78045 ,U.S.A
  • Total cartons: about 36 cartons, about 10080pcs (carton sizes: 310x220x110mm)Screen Printed Metal Aluminum Nameplates,Custom Printing Logo For Equipment & Office
  • Product Name: Custom Aluminum Silk Screen Printing Metal  Nameplates For Outdoor Use
  • Range of use: Equipment and so on
  • Specification: 97.92*97.92mm
  • Raw material: 0.5mm (0.02″) south-west aluminum
  • Subassembly: Glenda ink / Clear PE protective film /Double-side 3M9495LE adhesive and so on
  • Process: Material cutting+Slik screen+Baking+Apply protective film+Punching hole+PC back adhesive+PC punching hole+Full inspection+Delivery
  • Destination: GA 30024 ,U.S.A
  • Total cartons: about 20 cartons, about 7200pcs
  • Custom Aluminum Silk Screen Printing Metal  Nameplates For Outdoor Use

Huizhou Weihua Technology specialized in all kinds of nameplates & Logo, aluminum extrusion, CNC , painting and precise metal components over 27 years. We gain high reputation for bringing in advanced technology and management concept.
We have all kinds of process, such as stamping, forging , CNC, extrusion, silk screen,Injection,molding etc, and completed surface treatment, sandblasting, UV, PU, Multi-painting + Polish, 3D diamond cut, PVD, Vacuum coating, CD texture, diamond cutting, Clean edge, brush, laser carving etc.

Contact us, if you need any custom metal tag/logo/nameplate or other metal parts.

Post time: Sep-12-2020