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As a silver-white active metal, aluminum is generally not so easy to oxidize. Unless it encounters strong alkali or strong acid, it may cause rust due to oxidation.

Because aluminum can immediately form a dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum in dry air, so that it will not be further oxidized; and it can also be waterproof.

Normally, aluminum is corroded or oxidized, which may only happen gradually over weeks, months, or even years. In addition, the aluminum alloy contains almost no iron, so it does not actually rust, unless it is often washed by rain, moisture and other environments, then it will oxidize or be corroded into large holes.



In order to prevent aluminum from being oxidized or corroded, we can perform some surface treatment on aluminum products, such as anodizing or adding some transparent coatings that can prevent corrosion, which can greatly reduce its oxidation time. The aluminum products after this surface treatment can be kept for 5-10 years, or even more than 10 years without being corroded or oxidized.

The following aluminum signs are some simple anodized logos, which can maintain beautiful colors for a long time, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, etc.

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Post time: Jun-28-2022