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General precision metal stamping parts in all walks of life will be applied to different products, different material processing.Whether precision parts or large parts accessories can be stamping processing.Stamping process it is also divided into precision metal stamping and ordinary metal stamping, the two are somewhat different, although the same is stamping processing.So what’s the difference between the two.The following is a look at the difference between precision metal stamping.


General metal stamping:

This kind of metal stamping it does not require precision, its substrate thickness is thicker, do not need to cut, cut, stretch and other processes, ordinary stamping can be satisfied with the process.

Precision metal stamping:

We can understand from the word precision, precision metal stamping processing it high precision requirements, in the process of processing, precision punch, mold, materials, lubricants, and other technical support requirements are high, processing is also high technical requirements.Its accuracy requirements will have a range, beyond the range is not qualified add punch.So this kind of stamping processing it is also more demanding.


Generally speaking, the main factors affecting its accuracy are: incorrect blanking sequence, springback in blanking process, the shape of the workpiece in the previous process and the supporting surface shape of the working part of the die in the next process are not consistent, which makes the precision stamping parts deform in the blanking process, thus affecting the dimensional accuracy.Due to the poor positioning during operation, the blanking occurred in the process of billet channeling.The size deviation can be caused by inaccurate positioning due to the defect of the shear (prismatic degree, missing edge, etc.).The raw materials used are of inferior quality.Stamping die edge dimension manufacturing out of tolerance.Due to the improper adjustment of the previous working procedure or the wear of the rounded corners, the principle of equal volume in deformation is destroyed and the size changes after blanking are caused.Poor punching plate shape.

If any of the above points are not done well, then it will certainly affect its accuracy.So to improve precision metal stamping precision, must grasp the above points.Only when everything is done can we process the stamping parts with high precision.

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Post time: Oct-31-2020