What does aluminum extrusion mean?

Aluminum extrusion: is the aluminum alloy (deformation) ingot and extruder extrusion molding process;It is a technique for converting aluminum alloys into objects with defined cross sectional profiles and can be widely used in a variety of applications.The extrusion process takes advantage of the unique combination of physical properties of aluminum.China aluminum extrusion suppliers will be introduced from the following aspects.


How does aluminum extrusion work?

The aluminum alloy extrusion process actually begins with the product design, because the product design is based on the given usage requirements, which determine many final parameters of the product.Such as the product's mechanical processing performance, surface treatment performance and the use of environmental requirements, these properties and requirements actually determine the choice of extruded aluminum alloy.


What is aluminum extrusion used for?

In a broad sense, industrial aluminum extrusion is in addition to doors and Windows aluminum profile, curtain wall aluminum, architectural decoration aluminum for aluminum profile.Such as some rail transit, vehicle body, production and living aluminum material can be called industrial aluminum extrusion.In a narrow sense, industrial aluminum extrusion is the assembly line aluminum profile, is a kind of aluminum bar after smelting...


How much does a custom aluminum extrusion cost?

The processing cost of processing aluminum ingots into aluminum profiles is mainly divided into three parts: the cost of the cast bar, the cost of extrusion processing, and the cost of surface treatment.


What Is a miniature aluminum extrusion?

A very broad definition is any aluminum extrusion or tube suitable for a circle of 5 inches in diameter (i.e., a 5 inch press).The choice of aluminum alloy is very important for this kind of complicated miniature extruded parts.Alloy 6063 is the shape of choice.


What is metal extrusion?

Metal extrusion processing is an important method of pressure processing based on the principle of metal plastic forming.Metal extruder is the most important equipment for metal extrusion.


How strong is extruded aluminum?

Waterproof aluminum 5A50 tensile strength :265MPa;Tensile strength of 3A21 :<167MPa;Tensile strength of duralumin 2A11 :370MPa;Tensile strength of 2A12 :390~420MPa;Tensile strength of 2A13 :315~345MPa;


How do you cut aluminum extrusion?

Most industrial aluminum is a right Angle cutting, there are some need to cut bevel, 45 Angle is more common.When cutting bevel Angle must control the Angle, the best use of CNC sawing machine to saw.


Several typical extruded aluminum alloys and their characteristics

1035,3A21,6063,6A02,5A06, extrusion of aluminum alloy and its characteristics of several typical introduction, and there is a very detailed information......


how to connect aluminum extrusions?

There are two common ways to connect:1. Internal connections:For example, bolts and nuts, built-in connectors, anchor pins, corner slots, etc.Different specifications of industrial aluminum profile, the use of matching industrial aluminum profile accessories are not the same, which we need to pay attention to.


What is Precision Metal Stamping?

Precision metal stamping is an industrial process that uses machinery fitted with dies to transform flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into different custom shapes. Besides stamping, these metal presses can also perform a wide range of processes such as punching, tooling, notching, bending, embossing, flanging, coining, and much more.

Through the above introduction: aluminum extrusion working principle, use, cost, strength, cutting method and characteristics and so on, I believe you should have a certain understanding of aluminum extrusion;If you need processing services in this field, please contact us;Weihua (China aluminum extrusion) company will provide you with considerate service


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