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Aluminum extrusion processing has the following advantages, following the aluminum extrusion company to understand:

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1. Improve the deformation ability of metal

The extrusion ratio of pure aluminum can reach 500, the extrusion ratio of pure copper can reach 400, and the extrusion ratio of steel can reach 40-50.For some low plastic refractory metals and alloys that are difficult to be processed by other methods, such as rolling, forging and pressing, and even for brittle materials such as cast iron, extrusion method can also be used.

2. High comprehensive quality of products

The extrusion deformation can improve the microstructure and mechanical properties of metal materials, especially for some aluminum alloys with extrusion effect, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties of the extruded products after quenching and aging are much higher than the similar products produced by other processing methods.

3. Wide product range

Extrusion processing can not only produce pipe, rod and wire with simple section shape, but also can produce solid and hollow sections with very complex section shape, and variable section sections with gradual change and gradual change along the length direction of product section.The range of dimensions is also very wide, from very large pipes and profiles with sections with an outer circle diameter of 500-1000mm to very small precision profiles with sections the size of matchsticks.


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Post time: Sep-28-2020